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A Hip Hop Holiday

Bringing a lil’ DURM to Raleigh

First and foremost, we’d like to thank EVERYONE in attendance at Friday Night’s event DURM Hip Hop Summit Presents: A Hip Hop Holiday at Tir Na Nog, brought to you by Younger Brother Productions.

Feeding off of the amazing energy of Friday night’s crowd, Napoleon Wright II delivered an amazing performance. Serenading the audience along with dope lyrics and Pop n Lockin’ on top of it. The Real Laww held true to the name, showing that he is the “Lyricist At Work.. Work!” Not only by providing a highly energetic performance with exceptional call and response tactics but also curated and organized the whole event. On top of backing The Real Laww on the wheels of steele, DJ Shahzad carried the energy of the whole show on his back. Not only providing smooth and seemless transitions from one act to the next but also completed the evening with a dance party that kept the crowd moving even after the venue and bar had closed, people just didn’t want to leave! The Host Bishop Omega was on point, keeping the show moving and the crowd fully entertained between sets.

Congratulations are in order for winner of the Hip Hop Holiday Beat Battle, Kevo Beats. He will be placed in the 2015 DURM Hip Hop Summit producer battle as part of the grand prize. Not to say his journey was an easy one, the competition was fierce. So we can’t go on with out mentioning the other contestants who did such a great job and their production skills deserves to be recognized as well.



Runner up: Cocique (soundcloud.com/cocique)

Kemo Sabe (soundcloud.com/kemosabe-instruments)

DNA Productions (soundcloud.com/dnaproductionsnc)

KOMODO (soundcloud.com/ktotheo)

Anonymous Jones (soundcloud.com/anonymousjones)

Kid Beats (soundcloud.com/kidBeats817)


BIG LOVE and HUGE HUGS to the sponsors:

Younger Brother Productions

Zoë Pictures

PC Hawkin

Runaway Clothes

A Hip Hop Holiday

DURM Hip Hop Summit Presents: A Hip Hop Holiday at Tir Na Nog | Dec 26th



DURM Hip Hop Summit presents:
brought to you by Younger Brother Productions

The Real Laww
Napoleon Wright II

Beat Battle
(To submit in the Beat Battle Click Here)

Host: Bishop Omega
DJ Shahzad

Tir Na Nog (218 S Blount St, Raleigh, NC 27601)
Dec 26th
Show 9pm


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The Number for Today: Zero


Words can not describe the pure joy that we’re feeling right now! Great Performances, Amazing Visuals, Delicious Food and A Tremendous Turn Out! So you’re probably wondering, “Why the Title?”… Well. Despite all of these senseless police shootings and acts of violence constantly seen all over the news, we are proud to say that the number of these incidents seen during last nights DURM Hip Hop Summit were… ZERO.

This has been the goal since Year One, to change the stigma that Triangle Hip Hop is full of violence and negativity. There wasn’t a need for a police presence at ANY of the 4 Venues! People came to enjoy music, fellowship and simply to celebrate and share their love for Hip Hop. And THATS where all the focus needs to be! So we can’t thank you enough for being apart of this year’s DURM Hip Hop Summit and we’ll be happy to continue to do this every year and keep growing!

First and Foremost THANK YOU to all the People of DURM and surrounding cities! You came out in true form, eager and willing to indulge your senses with new sites & sounds! This is what we love and about the city, the open-mindedness and the ability to embrace something new and original! THIS is the reason we do this in DURM!


To All the amazing Dancers:

Zax Milkereit

Danielle Purifoy

Micah Geyer

Rebecca Conley

Winner of the 2014 DURM Hip Hop Summit Producer Battle:

Winner of the 2014 DURM Hip Hop Summit EMCEE Battle:

BIG LOVE to ALL the Performers who poured their hearts out on stage:

SHOUT OUTS to all the Hosts and Judges:

Thank you to all the venues:

And everything would not have been possible without the Sponsors:

Thank you again and See You Next Year!

Peace n Love

durm hhs 2014 banner

2014 DURM Hip Hop Summit Schedule

The wait is over! See who is playing where at this year’s DURM Hip Hop Summit!!

2014 DURM Hip Hop Schedule

2014 DURM HHS Schedule

2014 DURM HHS Schedule

2014 DURM Hip Hop Schedule



618 FOSTER ST | DURHAM NC | 27701


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